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Services only available by email.

All 'services' are available by email only. Why email? Click here to find out why email is the way to go.

Services available: 

         Dream/nightmare interpretations

       Tarot/Rune readings and questions answered 

       Angels - who is your presiding angel?

           Healing/prayer service

**Guarantee - you will be completely refunded if I do not receive any insight for you.**

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Click here to view my SPIRITUAL messages for strength. And, please see my 'Angels' article page for some great video's, inspiration and powerful concepts.


What I'll need from you: For Tarot readings, all I need is your question or concern. For Tarot/Rune questions, just send your questions. For dream/nightmare interpretations, just jot down the dream and send it to me. Dream/nightmare interpretations vary in length so I adjust pricing accordingly and my time invested in answering/replying is taken into consideration. Multiple dreams will cost extra. Express service is available for an additional flat rate of $18 should you need the interpretation immediately. I do not need any other information about you. No birth date, no name, no explanation - nothing about your situation. The only time I need a birth date is for Angel info.

How to order: You can use the order form link button above or you can click here to go to order form. Be sure to fill out the correct section on the order form. (For dream/nightmare interpretations-you will be invoiced via PayPal right before I am ready to work on it. If I do not receive payment in a timely manner, I will skip yours and move on to the next customer).

Disclaimer: Interpretations and readings are answered as they come in on a first come, first served basis. Dream Interpretations are strictly to help you understand your dream or certain characteristics. They are not advisements or counseling. I am not liable or responsible for any choice/decision that you partake in concerning insight information and will not be held accountable or responsible in any way, shape or form. A portion of all proceeds go to charities.  MUST be of 18 years of age. Prices subject to change without notice.

Guarantee - you will be completely refunded if I do not receive any insight for you.

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**Please understand that interpretations and services will not be accepted or answered at the email address. They are only answered through the website.** All information submitted is kept private and confidential for the use of interpreting the insight. It is never sold, purchased or shared. No second or third party involvement, ever.


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